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Engineer General Daniel Pichoud

Who is an Engineer General?

                         He is an engineer by training.
                         He is an officer general who in the reserve stays at the disposal of the ministry of
                     defense to be employed according to the necessities of staffing.
  Engineer General Daniel Pichoud

                          Engineer degree of'école polytechnique 1960
                          Engineer degree école du génie maritime 1965
                         Master of science Aeronautics and astronautics    Stanford (USA) 1966
                               Married, three children
                         Admitted 12/01/1999 by personal request in the reserve of engineers general of
                         armament with the rank of first class general engineer.

                          Career at the nation'service always dealing with advanced technologies with ten years
                          on space activities and ten years on coordination of the collection of economic,
                          competitive, scientific and technical informations. Advanced practice of finding
                          information on the internet acquired since 1996.

                                International Experience