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UNIX style regular expressions (wild cards) should work in floating search mode, but will not work in exact (default) search mode. For example, ^telegr|^teleph will find words beginning with either telegr or teleph, where the "^" anchors the search and the beginning of the line and "|" is the or operator. Can you guess what ^s[a|e|i|o|u]nk might find? Also, the regular expression equivalent for the common "*" -- match everything following -- is ".*" but is not required in floating search mode.

Jan 23, 1998: added more UNIX regular expression support, including end word anchor ($). For examples, try ^[c-r].*[a-z]pple$ and ^[c-r].pple$

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We installed an updated version of Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary on January 9, 1997, which resolved many errors. Please e-mail comments or suggestions to Mark Olsen or Patrick Cassidy.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (G & C. Merriam Co., 1913, edited by Noah Porter) was provided by Patrick Cassidy of MICRA, Inc., Plainfield, NJ, USA, who also provided ARTFL's version of ROGET'S Thesaurus. An earlier version of the complete text of the dictionary is available at the Gutenberg Project.

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